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Typically, calls to action point to a gated asset.

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Middle-of-the-funnel efforts focus on nurturing leads. Traditionally, sales owns the bottom of the funnel, but marketing and sales need to work hand in hand to create insightful content that closes deals — particularly in Challenger Sale sales organizations. Content served up to late-stage buyers continues to develop trust and credibility and should also communicate urgency.

Find ways to be buyer-sympathetic, and showcase the benefits of your product specifically for this buyer with industry- or company-specific content. As your buyer moves down the funnel and closer to the product, so should your content — starting with a wide, catch-all approach and becoming more focused as you move toward closing. Jean is a writer for Kapost , focusing on digital marketing, content marketing, the state of the journalism industry, and pushing and redefining the limits of what content marketing can be.

She also likes to do crossword puzzles and rock climb. Don't tackle your content marketing alone. Let us answer all your questions and help you get started with the strategy that's right for you. Set up a call today! Contact Us. Top of the Funnel Top-of-funnel content is the secret sauce for inbound marketing. Promote it on Twitter. Post it to Pinterest. Brandwatch, In the U. Quartz, As of May , the longest Snapchat streak is 1, snaps. Brandwatch, Snapchat users spent an average of Wallaroo Media, On average, Snapchat users under the age of 25 visit Snapchat over 20 times every day and spend over 30 minutes on the app every day.

Zephoria, Statusbrew, User-generated content on social networks has a 4. Smart Insights, About 3.

Lyfe Marketing, Branded content on social media is twice as likely to interest people between the ages of 55 and 64 than those who are 28 and younger. BrizFeel, Written articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types of content on social media. Lyfe Marketing, 2 million business are said to use Facebook for advertising in Hootsuite, Social media and video viewing are the two most popular online activities.

Smart Insights, There are 2. Statitsa, Twitter There are million monthly active Twitter users as of Statitsa, In the US, there are 68 million monthly active Twitter users. Pew Research Center, Twitter has nearly four times as many users internationally as in the U. Hootsuite, Tweets with videos get over six times as many retweets as tweets with photos. Wochit, Visual Content Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Demand Gen Report, Visual assets are the single biggest content contributor when it came to social media in Ofcom, million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily. HubSpot, Looking for more insight on marketing challenges? HubSpot asked 4, marketing and sales professionals about the future of inbound.

Check out the State of Inbound report for the latest benchmark data.

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Get the Report. Video Marketing Statistics. Marketing Land, 4 in 5 consumers believe that demo videos are helpful. HubSpot , Square videos are more effective than horizontal videos on Facebook.

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Animoto, Having a video thumbnail in the search results can double your search traffic. HubSpot , There are 1. Google, About 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed on average every day. Omnicore, Among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watched across devices. Tubular Insights, Email Marketing Statistics. MarketingProfs, Marketers who send emails on Tuesdays get the highest open rates. Wordstream, Marketing and advertising companies have the lowest email open rates.

Forbes, Nearly half of marketers say they sometimes test alternate subject lines to optimize email performance. Sleeknote, Spam email is more likely to bypass security filters today than it was in the recent past. The Radicati Group , Transactional emails receive eight times as many opens compared to regular marketing emails.

MailChimp, Email Usage There are over 6.

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Radicati Group, Active email accounts are expected to hit 5. Statitsa, Gmail has 1 billion active users worldwide. Emailmonday, Emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds. Litmus, State of Inbound.

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Download Now. Lead Generation Statistics. Content Marketing Institute, In the B2B setting, events help generate the most leads, while case studies help convert and accelerate the most leads. Content Marketing Institute, Most midsize to large organizations average less than 5, marketing qualified leads per month. HubSpot , Lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing are the top three organizational objectives for content marketers. Gartner, Mapping the customer experience and use of personalized content are deemed the most effective tactics for optimizing marketing automation.

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Ascend2, Marketing technology spend is now higher than advertising spend for companies. Gartner, Marketers say that the biggest benefit of automation is saving time. Salesforce, Advertising Statistics. Digital Information World, The proportion of desktop and laptop users who use blockers is more than twice as large as the proportion of smartphone users who use blockers.

Business Insider, Adblocker Plus is the most popular ad blocking app available. HubSpot , "Too many ads", "annoying or irrelevant ads" and "intrusive ads" are the top three motivations for ad-blocking. HubSpot , The most popular display ad types are banners, native ads, and social media ads. HubSpot , Consumers now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones.

Impact, Both desktop and mobile ads deliver branding effectiveness, but mobile ads perform better. Business Insider, Two-thirds of consumers can recall a specific brand they have seen advertised on mobile in the last week. HubSpot , People pay attention to video content whereas they skim or multitask written content and podcasts. Wordstream, Consumers spend over 5 hours per day on their smartphones. Marketing Technology Statistics. Marketing technology impacts the way you reach your audience, how they consume your content, and how they interact with your brand.

Marketing technology statistics provide insight into the best ways to connect with your audience and customers with the help of various applications, software, tools, and channels. HubSpot , million people use Facebook Messenger monthly. Statitsa, By , an estimated 2.

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Statitsa, There have been over 4 billion downloads of messenger apps. HubSpot , 6 of the top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps. Media Kix, 4 out of 10 mobile users use Facebook Messenger. One-third of people use their smartphone as their primary device to access the Internet.

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  • Google, Mobile now represents almost 7 in 10 digital media minutes, and smartphone apps alone account for half of all digital time spent. Venture Scanner, Sales Statistics.