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Shier , Clemson University a.

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Willis , University of Houston a. Some hereditary properties of vector-valued functions. Completely Continuous operators. Regularization for ill-posed parabolic evolution equations. Matthew A.

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The Aluthge Sequence of a Shift Operator. Sarah E. Encrypting into Polynomials. The Distribution of Generalized Ramanujan Primes. Thomas R. Gaps between summands in generalized Zeckendorf decompositions. Constructing Generalized Sum-Dominant Sets. Ebooks and Manuals

Evaluation of infinite products involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. Distribution of Missing Sums in Sumsets. Integrating factors and repeated roots of the characteristic equation. Bridging mathematics concepts to engineering contexts: Just-in-time review modules. Alina N. Scaffolding for Inquiry Instruction in Mathematics.

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Mark L. An inquiry-based, writing intensive introduction to proofs course.

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Keep them guessing: teaching conjecturing in a discrete transition course. Using a capstone course to learn how to teach mathematical proofs. Joseph's College VD a. Getting the Act Together. Melvin G. Developing the capstone experience at Winthrop University. Reading and writing assignments in a Real Analysis course.

A modeling project on sensor networks. The Optimal Placement of Range Lights. Dexter C. Teaching 3D Mathematical Modeling. Pack size vs. Prey Density in the Mexican wolf. Developing a Modeling Concept Inventory. Integer Embeddings of Heronian Tetrahedra. Perlis , Zander Mathematics Institute a. The Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, roots of unity, and random matrices.

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Miller , Williams College a. Samuel S. Vincent , University of South Carolina a. Diophantine triples and quadruples. Do it together to understand it: group activities that help liberal arts students understand mathematical concepts.

Final Project in an Elementary Cryptology Course. Daniel P. Visualizing Hyperbolic Geometry in the Liberal Arts. Charlotte J. Cantor's set throughout real analysis. Cesar E. Motivating Real Analysis Students with Puzzles. Lynette J.

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Communication and Learning. Louis N a. Constructing Definitions in Undergraduate Real Analysis. Barbara A. When absolute convergence fails to imply convergence. Understanding the infinite. Analysis based on the concept of level. Padraig M. Permutations, Pattern Avoidance, and the Catalan Triangle. Wesley K. Meissen , Worcester Polytechnic Institute a. Spatial dispersion of interstellar civilizations: a site percolation model in three dimensions.

Searching for the Implied Market Utility Function. Sequences for Solving Puzzles and Touring Graphs. Esther F. Katz , University of the District of Columbia vkatz udc. History of National Meetings. Highlights in the History of the Missouri Section. Leon M. Recovering and recapitulating the history of Project NExT. The Ohio Section also celebrates its centennial. Robert W. Joel K. The Intermountain Section: an exceptionally brief history. Kelly K. Revisiting the Basel problem. Comparative analysis of a few fast numerical schemes for finding positive and some sign-changing solutions to time-independent Gross-Pitaevskii type equations with general potentials.

Co-Segal Algebras and Deligne's Conjecture (Hugo Bacard @ MSRI)

Searching for the Best Quadratic Approximation of a Function. Molecular mechanism for cardiac electrical instability in human heart disease: a predictive and multiscale computational model of "ankyrin-B syndrome. The logistic gender-structured model with ephemeral pair bonds and isolation from reproduction report on an REU project at Valparaiso University.

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Extreme multi-stability in a chemical model system. Method to extract names of geographical features from images of maps - A theoretical case study. Jesus A. From Euler equation to Boussinesq system to KP equation.