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The following sections describe how to optimize Text queries for response time.

[Guide] Brian Senese - Ruby developers guide-Syngress (2001) - 미리보기를 참고 바랍니다.

You can do so in two ways:. When queries are optimized for response time, Oracle returns the first rows in the shortest time possible. The code loops through the cursor to extract the first 20 rows. Retrieving the entire result set as such takes time. You record your own stopwords, stopthemes, stopclasses by creating a single stoplist, to which you add the stopwords, stopthemes, and stopclasses.

You use the following procedures to manage stoplists, stopwords, stopthemes, and stopclasses:. With a context index, you can also customize your index in a variety of ways. The following command creates a default context index called myindex on the text column in the docs table:. Detects the column type and uses filtering for binary column types. Most document formats are supported for filtering. If your column is plain text, the system does not use filtering.

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Note: For document filtering to work correctly in your system, you must ensure that your environment is set up correctly to support the Inso filter. To learn more about configuring your environment to use the Inso filter, see the Oracle Text Reference. Assumes the language of text to index is the language you specify in your database setup.

[Guide] Brian Senese - Ruby developers guide-Syngress (2001)

Uses the default stoplist for the language you specify in your database setup. Stoplists identify the words that the system ignores during indexing. Enables fuzzy and stemming queries for your language, if this feature is available for your language. See Also: "Creating Preferences" in this chapter for more examples on creating a custom context index.

When you perform DML inserts, updates, and deletes on the base table, Oracle automatically synchronizes the index.

  1. [Guide] Brian Senese - Ruby developers guide-Syngress (2001) - 미리보기를 참고 바랍니다..
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  4. [Guide] Brian Senese - Ruby developers guide-Syngress (2001).
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  6. You create a sub-index on one or more columns to improve mixed query performance. However, adding sub-indexes to the index set has its costs. Because of the added index time and disk space costs for creating a CTXCAT index, carefully consider the query performance benefit each component index gives your application before adding it to your index set.

    Text description of the illustration ccapp An online auction site that must store item descriptions, prices and bid-close dates for ordered look-up provides a good example for creating a CTXCAT index. Next, determine the structured queries your application is likely to issue.

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    In our example, this means all queries include a clause for the title column which is the text column. These queries can be served using sub-index B, but for efficiency you can also create a sub-index only on price , which we call sub-index A:. For example, if two structured columns p and q have a b-tree index specified as 'p,q' , Oracle cannot scan this index to sort ' order by q,p'. Bowen Open Source. Gitelman Elements de Mathematique. Fonctions d'une variable reelle. Theorie elementaire by Bourbaki N. Real delegation: how to get people to do things for you - and do them well by J.

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