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Shadow Music by Julie Garwood: | disphoralkarlro.ml: Books

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The Hundreds. Cruel Optimism. Living a Feminist Life. In the Wake. Animals and Women. Staying with the Trouble. Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet. Biel, the Treasure of England, has been betrothed to a highly respected Highland chief by King John in hopes of securing peace.

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Upon arriving in the Highlands, Gabrielle and her faithful guards stop a murder attempt on a man who ends up being the brother of the most feared warrior in the Highlands. Gabrielle decides it would be wiser to not let on how the brother was saved, and by whom, and takes him to the local abbey to be cared for and restored to his family. He witnessed her banishment while trying to figure out how his brother came to be at the abbey. He is also persuaded by his friend Brodick yes, that Brodick from Ransom to marry her in order to save her reputation and protect her.

She also wants to confess her part in saving his brother, but he always disappears. Gabrielle is everything that is noble and good natured; she hates her lie by omission.

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She is also beautiful, smart, and talented in archery and riding, as well as the more ladylike pursuits. We might as well send her canonization papers to the pope now. This chick should be sainted. Another big issue is Colm. He sends a messenger to apologize and offer her the land back but she knows it's a trick.

She quickly and secretly marries Colm and is therefore free of her obligation to follow the king's orders. But one of the Barons is not done with her, he wants the rumored gold and he knows Gabrielle knows where it is! So he kidnaps her! Of course, Gabrielle outsmarts him and gets a message to her husand who comes to save her.

This was a really good book to read but hard to write about, there were so many twists and turns, it really kept my attention. I really liked the characters and rooted for them through the whole book. If Ms. Garwood's books all have such terrific characters and sexy Highlanders to boot, I think she has a new fan!

I'm not sure about the title of the book, I don't know what it had to do with the story. It might be the sound Colm's sword makes before it strikes down his enemies.

Shadow Music: A Novel (Unabridged)

Mar 08, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: romance-historical. When I closed this book, I asked myself "What the hell did I just read? Not at all. So when I saw that she was not only returning to her historical romance roots but also to her favored setting in Scotland, I was thrilled. This was the same woman who has written The Bride and The Secret and so many other funny, warm, poignant romances with great alpha heroes and quirky fun heroines. I have read and re-read all of her ea When I closed this book, I asked myself "What the hell did I just read?

I have read and re-read all of her early paperbacks from the 80s and 90s. She's on keeper shelf. SO I settled down to get into this book. The beginning starts just fine and I am thrilled. But then something crazy happens. The characters seem like lifeless retreads of some of her previous characters.

The plot, likewise, is a meandering mess that tries to recall the glories of The Bride and The Secret and fails miserably. The villains are pathetic and laughable and they were not intended to be and truthfully, you never really understand why anyone does what they do. I seriously skipped whole passages, thinking It never did.

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She includes a spate of secondary characters that are obvious attempts to add color and texture, something I am usually very grateful for. But these too fall flat. Nothing about this book worked for me on any level.

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And can someone please tell me why the heck this book is entitled Shadow Music? The plot, the characters nothing alludes to this. Yeah, at the end of one chapter deep into the book while a bad guy is about to get killed he sees his killer's shadow and then hears the 'music' of a sword being drawn from a scabbard. That's it.

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That is all there is that has even the most distant connection to the title. I kept wondering as I was reading what the title referred to. Things like this just piss me off. If this were the first Garwood book I'd ever read, I'd've simply dismissed it as a generic piece of romance fluff and I would not have bothered to look the author up again. But I know what this author is capable of and I am severely disappointed because I know she can write better than this. Sep 01, J. Great series I enjoyed the first two in this series but this one was a bit all over the place.

I really enjoy this authors writing but this book didn't have the engaging plot or steak the others did. It was an okay read. This read more like an adventure than a romance. I still enjoyed it. Oct 04, Zeek rated it liked it. Written in LG went back to her historical romance roots with Shadow Music after already transitioning to romantic suspense.

I had a feeling while reading this it sorta was setting up a novel with a modern setting to come later but I could be wrong- still, it held my interest to read it fairly fast. I couldnt' shake the feeling, however, that Shadow Music felt more of a homage to her older novels- or worse, a bone thrown to her former fans. In Shadow Music we get the story of the beautiful Lad Written in LG went back to her historical romance roots with Shadow Music after already transitioning to romantic suspense.

Biel and the Laird of highlander clan Machugh. Colm Machugh is fierce and stoic, as all good highlander Lairds should be. Lady Gabrielle is beyond beautiful and noble, as all Princesses should be too. But Gabrielle is just a pawn to him in a game between he and his nobles. Now she must keep a secret to preserve his life, the secret of who saved his life. And she will keep it even from his fierce Scottish Laird- none other than our hero Colm Machugh, who just happens to be his brother- to do so. Through a weird and frankly, manufactured turn of events she becomes a pariah by a jealous hag and forced into exile with the Larid Colm until she can get away and back to her beloved father.

Okay yeah. Much of the plot concerning Lady Gabrielle felt forced, imo. Certainly not the organic feel of her older novels. Although I liked this novel, it felt rushed- heck even her sentences and chapters were shorte and devoid of heart.

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  8. Nov 23, FlibBityFLooB rated it really liked it Shelves: historical , read-in , zzauthor-garwood-julie , witty-i-am-not , scots-and-kilts , era-plantagenet , era-medieval. Before starting this book, I had read some reviews that made it out to be a horrific Julie Garwood novel. In truth, I didn't think it was that bad.

    Maybe because I was expecting such a stinker going in?? I actually enjoyed the story : True, it wasn't as epic of a romance as her other Highlander books. And, once again, the title doesn't really match the book. What shadow? What music? I don't get it. Weird title.