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I'm very much looking forward to this as I love Tabucchi's work. What I was attempting and failing to explain to you on twitter was that Archipelago's two previous volumes had already been published in the UK in the collection Vanishing Point along with the novella Vanishing Point To add to the confusion, Vanishing Point alone was published in the US as Edge of the Horizon!

Book Review: Antonio Tabucchi's "Time Ages in a Hurry" - A Diary of Dreams - The Arts Fuse

Ah the restrictions of Twitter and the limited characteristics. I now understand. Thanks for stopping by Grant, it is a worthwhile read.

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Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi was a professor of Portuguese literature at the University of Siena and spent six months of each year in Portugal as well as translating Portuguese writers into Italian. In this collection there are nine short stories and running to only pages, it is not a challenging read, although an extremely rewarding one.

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In particular there is an engaging dialogue between two Italians under sunshades on a Croatian beach: a sick man in his forties and a precocious young girl The entire conversation unfolds with great charm, playfulness, and decorum in a summery Mediterranean haze. It is a welcome return to Tabucchi at his best. Tabucchi presumes, as only a masterly writer can, to peer in on a core History, personal or collective, weighs on everyone in these stories, sculpting their inner lives.

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And yet, Tabucchi suggests, an unlikely transcendence is possible. Poignant, philosophical Fluid and airy Contemplative and without affection, these stories would be well accompanied by a wistful gaze out a window — an enjoyable memento mori on a warm summer day which will soon fade into all the others.

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Disquieted and disoriented yet utterly human in their loves and fears, the characters in these vibrant and often playful stories suffer from what Tabucchi once referred to as a "corrupted relationship with history. In this collection of short stories, the late Tabucchi The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico plays with philosophical themes such as the circularity of memory and time, depicting characters who struggle to preserve voices they can no longer hear and to communicate these echoes to others.

In "Drip, Drop, Drippity-Drop," a man visits his sick aunt in the hospital, where she unexpectedly begins relating stories of his forgotten childhood.

As he tries to catch hold of these "memories" the former selves he had lost she tells him "this is how the past is made. In fact, many of Tabucchi's characters are nearing the end of their lives and have lived through 20th-century horrors that younger generations cannot understand.